our Mission

To provide the most high quality, U.S.A. Made product solution for all your ice fishing equipment hauling needs.


our story

Developed on the shores of Saginaw Bay, Michigan, Johnson's Cargo Systems was developed with one person in mind – the outdoor enthusiast. An outdoor enthusiast like Jim Johnson.

A life long hunter, trail rider and ice fisherman, Jim wanted a simple solution to a widespread nuisance. Hauling his ice auger and gear – without all the hassle and damage. After scouring the internet and thumbing through catalogs to try and find a product to suit his needs, he simply decided to design one for himself.

What started as a one-time, garage-made deal, skyrocketed into the talk of the ice. Friends, family and fellow fisherman all asked him the same question “Where did you GET that?” Referring of course to his cleverly designed cargo system – a light went off and he knew he'd created something every ice fisherman and outdoors-man could use.

Soon, he began making them for friends. His friends told their friends. Their friends told their friends. And so it was – Johnson's Cargo Systems.

I would never sell a product I wouldn’t use myself or provide to friends and family. I personally stand behind everything we provide.
— Jim Johnson, Johnson's Cargo Systems